ENERFUND is a rating tool supporting the process of identifying deep renovations, aiming at increasing building energy efficiency. The project processes energy-related building data and makes them accessible via app in order to facilitate investment decisions for financing energy efficiency measures. The new rating tool builds on ENERMAP and EPISCOPE and will help to increase renovation rates in the building sector:
• Companies identify promising renovation opportunities.
• Communities focus on incentives addressing the CO2-reduction and energy reduction potential.
• Financing organisation target funds at areas with most CO2-reduction and energy reduction potential.
• The general public gets involved.
Project management: Cyprus University of Technology (CUT)
Project duration: 02/2016-01/2019
Contact in Austria: Dr. Susanne Geissler I SERA energy & resources I office@sera.global
The project is carried out by a consortium consisting of 15 partners and is funded in the Call H2020-EE-2015-3-Market Uptake.
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